How to See a Private Instagram Without Following 2018

In this post of Green Hat Expert, you will learn how to see a private Instagram without following in 2018.

How to See a Private Instagram Without Following or How to View Instagram Photos Without Following or Private in 2018

Instagram is another social media which is also famous among the people. This is a type of social media which is simple and easy to use like other social media networks and the demand of Instagram is also increasing. In this tutorial, you will learn how to see a private Instagram without following it. It will enable you to view the photos of Instagram which are private or locked in any account and you can do it without following them.

Instagram Without Following

Nowadays, people are consuming their time using social media, they add their photos and share with friends and relatives including on Facebook (create multiple Facebook accounts) and Twitter(Twitter unfollow tool). If we compare Instagram to Facebook and Twitter, it has its own merits. So Instagram has a feature to maintain your privacy so no one can neither steal your content nor can misuse.

There are some people who want to spy on their friends, relatives, crushes, boyfriend, girlfriends and their ex. You may be one of them. So the problem is, if you want to see the private content what will you do? How to view Instagram photos private account without following?

It may attract your attention because there are many people around you want to do this. So do not worry we are going to give you a solution to see Instagram private account without following it.

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How to See a Private Instagram Photos Without Following Locked or Private account

  1. The first step is to create a new Instagram account

You can create a new account to follow them. If you want to follow a man, you need a profile of women to follow it. When the profile is of women, you need to create an account of man.

  1. Using the application

Use applications like

You need to visit it with a simple look and after doing so enter your Instagram username and enter the submit button. Wait for other applications to open and you can view all the content of private Instagram. Some of them are third party applications so they will help you to see the private Instagram without following.

  1. Encourage these users to make friends

You need to contact it or follow it. There are a number of contacts which are available with their biography or Whatsapp number and so on.

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So it is another step to see a private Instagram without following it so try it. In addition, if you are looking for an alternative method, do not worry here it is.

Method 2#

  1. Go to This Site
  2. Click The button  ”Click Here & Access It Now”
  3. Enter ”Instagram Profile Name ex. Arsalan Rauf and Click The button ”View Profile”
  4. Wait until the program is Finish
  5. Enjoy To View Any private Instagram profiles



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